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More than 50,000 students and parents trust Infigon, India's top source for career and educational mentoring. Our founding team, who has a wealth of experience working in the education and skill development industry for the past 10 years, has a strong goal to assist every student in identifying their genuine calling and creating an action plan for doing the same. A thorough, six-step career mentoring procedure focused on students and supported by data has been developed by our panel of experienced mentors from top institutions like IIT, IIM, Harvard, NID, and others. Our staff works around the clock to fulfil our purpose of assisting each of our mentees in making the journey from "Clutter to Clarity"!


Created by Professionals
Developed by the best industry.
Based on Trust
Trusted by 50,000+ students and parents.
Personalized approach
Unique process tailored according to student.
Cutting edge technology
Platform powered by artificial intelligence & supported by data.
Experience Centre
Career workshops, live seminars, and internships for hands on career building experience.
Specialized niche
Vast network of mentors with expertise in 1300+ Career and 400+ Education avenues.

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Bangalore Medical College
Bangalore Medical College
Bangalore Medical College
Bangalore Medical College

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